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Corrositex Assay Applications

Test Material Compatibility

The assay is compatible with both water soluble and insoluble formulations. Both solid and liquid test materials can be tested.

In order to be tested in the Corrositex® assay, test materials must cause an observable color change in the CDS. Additionally, the use of the Corrositex® assay to assign packing goups is limited to specific chemical classes, including acids, acid derivatives, acyl halides, (poly)alkylamines, bases, chlorosylanes, metal halides, and oxyhalides.

Validation/Regulatory Acceptance

• The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) accepts Corrositex® as a test to assign subcategories of corrosivity packing groups for labeling purposes according to the United Nations transport guidelines.

• ECVAM has recommended its use as a stand-alone alternative to in vivo corrosivity tests when used in specific testing circumstances (i.e., as required by USDOT).

• It is endorsed by NIEHS, NTP, and 13 federal agencies that support ICCVAM.

• In 2006, OECD Test Guideline (TG 435) was adopted for the Corrositex®Assay.